Hautelook CEO on Online Retail

Hautelook CEO on Online Retail My founder, Adam Bernhard, on Fox Business yesterday.


Pretty incredible use of a computer virus, however brings light on the risk of open sourced viruses and trojan horses.

Entry Level Load Balancers

Sorry for the delay on the third installment. Today let’s discuss Load Balancers or as they are now more commonly referred to as Application Delivery Controllers. The load balancer is the piece of hardware (or software as I will discuss further down) that sends your web traffic to one of a series of machines. It is the key piece of technology that allows you… Read More

New York Times’ Project Cascade

This is a very interesting look into what the NY Times’ R&D department is doing to analyze the power of the social graph around sharing of news articles.

Entry Level Firewalls

This is the second post in a series about building out an entry-level infrastructure footprint. When most people think about firewalls the first name that comes to mind is Cisco. One of the things you will learn is I am not a huge fan of Cisco. You pay a whole lot for that logo on the box. They used to be the innovators in the space, but… Read More


Apple Storing Your Every Move

I was asked today by a friend about the recent revelation that Apple is storing location data about when and where you are and what I thought about this or knew about it.  I will be the first to say that recording such data is creepy, but not malicious. Everyday countless amounts of data is being collected about you. Your ISP and employer are… Read More

How Google Protects Your Data

Microsoft recently called out Google on not being very secure with storing your documents. Google Apps for Business is a lot safer than your back office likely is!

Entry-Level Colocation

This is the first post in a series about building out an entry-level infrastructure footprint. I will later re-address each of these topics from a mid-level build out perspective. When looking for colocation there are a couple things to keep in mind: The Data Center The Space in the Data Center Power Bandwidth The Data CenterThe data center is like a living organism with… Read More


Building Your First Data Center

I am going to be doing a series of articles about Building Your First Data Center. Every couple days I will cover different elements of the choices you will need to make. This is an important topic that every startup will be faced with, although likely is preceded by the question, “Should I lease or should I buy?” And this obviously means that you… Read More

HauteLook Engineering Blog

HauteLook Engineering Blog Here is a link to my team at HauteLook’s blog focused on providing new hires and the local developer community with engineering information and topics about the core technology we are using on our applications.