• Company: Jybe
  • Type: Sustainability
  • Role: Co-Founder & CTO
  • Duration: 2018-Present
  • Description:
    • The Jybe App connects you with local restaurants that are working to improve their sustainability by using Earth-friendly packaging in their to-go ordering. How do we define sustainable? We prioritize materials that are renewable, naturally biodegradable and recyclable. Petroleum plastic, bio-plastic and Styrofoam are unsustainable, and harmful to the environment and our health. Check the Jybe App before ordering takeout to find food coming from green restaurants in your area.
    • Technical co-founder oversaw the end to end development of our PWA, wrote the sustainability algorithm and engineered all data, analytics and administration tools.
    • Assist with the launch in each new city, now live in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, New York, SanFrancisco, Denver, Portland, Austin and Seattle.
    • Work with the team on marketing strategy and customer touch points.

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